Fun Factory Magnetic Click 'N Charge Plug

Click N Charge Magnetic Plug

Change batteries just when it was getting good - who wants that? Simply click, charge & enjoy - the magnetic universal charge plug for all the vibrators from the Click 'n' Charge generation.

The Fun Factory Magnetic Plug sets a new revolutionary standard. All new Fun Factory rechargeable vibrators will come with the Click 'n' Charge technology: the connection between the electrical source and vibrator batteries now occurs through a magnetic surface in the Fun Factory logo of the toy and the metallic contact point of the œhead� in the network part “ another Fun Factory innovation perfectly combining quality, function and environmentally friendliness.

Click ';n' Charge high performance levels with lithium polymer batteries, with the added benefit of no memory effect.

Purchase just one charger to use with all your Click 'n' Charge vibrators.

Special Features:

  • Magnetic universal charge plug
  • Lithium polymer batteries
  • No memory effect