OXSLING cocksling cool ice



OXSLING cocksling cool ice

OXSLING is everything you love about our original cocksling designs but it's made from our brand new PLUS+SILICONE composition. Our PLUS+SILICONE combines the strength and stretch of TPR with the warmth and softness of smooth silicone; guarantee your junk has never felt anything like it. Each opening on OXSLING is reinforced with a thick ring that grips your meat and pushes your nuts down and away from your body. The super soft material and multi-ring design create the sensation of a hand gently squeezing your shaft and sack.

OXSLING's versatile shape can be worn multiple ways for a different fit and feel. Wear the smaller ring facing downward for a tighter fit on your ballbag or flip it towards your body for more pressure on your cock or shaft. The eye-catching embossed OX lettering lets you rep your favourite toy brand while showing off your best assets.

  • Made from our new super-soft, strong PLUS+SILICONE
  • Our largest, softest cocksling
  • Thick, reinforced design has industrial pipe detailing
  • Unique cocksling design grips shaft and balls
  • Blubbery design pushes package up and out for a bigger, more pronounced bulge