Sexy Shaver Gift Pack



Sexy Shaver Gift Pack

Sexy Shaver Gift Pack includes: 3 intimate shaving stencils, natural soap free shaving cream and triple action depilatory lotion.

The initmate shaving stencils from Ladyshape® are the newest tool for the appearance of the pubic area! With this new shaving innovation women can quickly and easily create a perfect Heart, Brazilian or Triangle shape in their pubic area. Women can now make their pubic hair beautiful so they feel sexy, stylish and self-confident. The Bodcare Shave is the smoothest shave ever, with the perfect glide. Shave shaving cream unlocks nature's secrets so you can achieve the perfect irritation-free shave in a nutrient-rich, long lasting, non-lathering, soap free shave cream.

Shave creams luxurious moisturising properties of macadamia oil infuses the skin ensuring the perfect glide, giving you a soft close shave while keeping the skin PH level balanced. Team this with the regenerative and powerful antioxidant properties of rosehip oil, you couldn't wish for a better shave cream that's free from harsh soaping agents and foams.

Shave cream outlasts up to 4 cans of foam.

Bodcare No Hair is the 3 in 1 solution to pre and post hair removal. The multipurpose treatment of No Hair prevents ingrown hairs, eases the discomfort of waxing by up to 80% and with regular use, hair growth becomes finer.

Special Features:

  • Ladyshape stencils is the perfect shaving stencil
  • Ladyshape stencils create a super straight shape
  • Ladyshape stencils is easy to use
  • No Hair Prevents ingrown
  • No Hair Eases waxing discomfort
  • No Hair creates finer hair growth
  • No Hair moisturizers
  • No Hair benefits fine and coarse hair
  • Shave creates perfect glide
  • Shave is irritation-free shave
  • Shave is soap free
  • Shave moisturizers
  • Shave contains antioxidants
  • Shave is long lasting
  • Shave is ideal for sensitive skin
  • Shave is not tested on animals