5 Sexy Gift Ideas for Men


When any special occasion rolls around the corner, it can be hard to think of a great gift for the special man in your life, especially when you’ve already used up all the best gift ideas you had. Although Sex toys may not be the typical gift of choice for men but believe us when we say - this will be their favourite. Who doesn’t love gifts that add more sexiness into their life? Now, if you can’t think of any sexual gifts, here are 5 sexy gift ideas for men that are guaranteed to blow their minds away!


5. DM Male Masturbator


This fleshlight is known for its incredibly realistic and unforgettable performance. It features ten vibration modes, it’s comfortable to use, and has inner texturing, which provides an authentic experience. This masturbator will not only help with adding that extra spice in the bedroom but will also improve the endurance of your significant other, all while leaving him wanting for more.


4. JoyRide Vibration Cup


The JoyRide Vibration Cup is the perfect gift for those who want to try something new and unique. The cup has an elastomer sleeve with a special texture and features seven modes, which is guaranteed to make your partner’s member feel amazing. While the vibration cup is working its magic, you can focus on exploring each other’s bodies and elevating your foreplay game to levels it’s never reached before.


3. Get Your Motor Running Male Vibrator


If youre looking for a masturbation device that will fulfil your special mans deepest desires, then this vibrator might just be a perfect choice. This male sex toy was designed to provide a genuine vaginal experience unmatched by others of its kind out there and increase vitality in the bedroom. Its easy to use, and since its made from medical TPE, its guaranteed to feel soft against his manhood.


Pro tip: We recommend using a water-based lubricant to get the maximum out of your experience.


2. Remote Vibrating Prostate Massager


Are you after something he's never tried before and that would hit his 'p-spot?' In that case, you should definitely consider trying out this remote-controlled prostate massager. It boasts 35 vibration modes, which allow you to find the best stimulation and the perfect balance between pleasure and intensity for your partner.


1. Silky Egg Masturbator


If you want to level up your bedroom journey but start by introducing something small but mighty, then the Silky Egg Male Masturbator is the ideal pick for you. This toy comes in different variations that all have different internal structures. They all feel smooth and feature delicate ribs on the inside, which will caress his member. It's perfect for all sizes and will provide ecstatic experiences. Thanks to its compact size, you can even take it with you on your travels.


Bottom Line


There are so many sexy gifts to choose from that you’re guaranteed to find something that will excite your man. Whether it’s something small, like an egg masturbator, or something more intense, such as a prostate massager - you can be sure it will be an unforgettable night of pleasure.