How Adult Toys Can Benefit Your Relationship


Contrary to the widespread belief that adult toys are only for single or lonely women, there are many couples who use adult toys in the bedroom. In fact, some recent studies in Australia show that 54% of those in a relationship would love to receive a sex toy as a present to spice things up. And while theres no doubt that sex toys can add plenty of extra spice to your sex life, what about your relationship? Let's find out!


Improved Communication


As we all know, communication is key when it comes to a healthy and happy relationship. Are you wondering where sex toys come into all of this? Well, according to one study, 49% of participating couples who use vibrators reported communicating often and not only in regards to sex but also other subjects. On the other hand, only 29% of other couples could report the same level of communication and openness with each other. So, as we can see, using adult toys in the bedroom with your partner could potentially improve communication between you two and perhaps even bring out some insightful conversations.


Ability to Give Directions


We are all different and therefore have different turn-ons. But it can sometimes feel difficult or uncomfortable to explain to your other half what you like and dislike in bed, especially if you don't even know yourself. Not understanding how to please your partner can cause some tension in the relationship, as neither of you may feel fulfilled. Sex toys can be very helpful in these types of situations because you can explore together what you can do with the toys and guide the partner. Chances are, the communication and guidance will help create maximum pleasure for both of you.


It Can Bring You Closer Together


Trying out something new and out of the usual comfort zone can increase closeness and trust between you and your partner, both intimately and psychologically. After all, you'll be doing something that brings you both pleasure and excitement, as well as a chance to give each other undivided attention. This, in turn, can bring you closer, increase trust and comfort.


Helps Maintain Desire


Generally speaking, couples who explore new ways of being intimate together tend to do better when it comes to maintaining desire and passion in the long run. This is important because most couples experience a lack of these things at some point during the relationship. So, it's completely up to you to keep things alive, and introducing an exciting toy for you both to use can be just the thing your relationship needs.


Bottom Line


Theres no denying that sex toys are becoming more and more popular not only amongst women but also men and couples. And as sex plays a very important part in a relationship between two people, we are convinced that all avenues that could possibly improve it are worth exploring. Why limit yourself when you could discover something that could potentially transform your relationship?