Electrastim 4 X Long Self Adhesive Pads 1.5cm X 7.5cm


Electrastim s ElectraPads Long are the ideal way to enjoy genital stimulation with an ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately). They re slimmer and longer than the original ElectraPads Square, so it s easier to apply them to slender areas such as the perineum, labia and base of the penis. The easiest of the electrodes to use, they can be applied anywhere below the waist to transmit sensations that enhance masturbation, foreplay and sex. Each self-adhesive pad has a uni-polar 2mm connection, allowing you to use two on a single channel. Each pad can be used up to 6 times by the same person, so make sure you keep the backing plastic safe. Each pack contains 4 pads. Dimensions Each pad measures 0.6 inches wide x 3 inches long (75mm x 15mm) Materials Synthetic fabric and self-adhesive conductive gel