Electrastim Silicone Noir Lula Kegel Balls

The ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Kegel Balls are the world's first toy to combine the pleasurable G-spot massaging properties of a jiggle ball with the practical application of a Kegel toning system. Our patent-pending design features bi-polar conductive contacts and a free-roaming weight that jiggles in time with movement. During wear the top ball rhythmically massages the G-spot while the bottom ball causes the vaginal muscles to clench and relax in time with an ElectraStim Stimulator pattern.

Made from 100% platinum-cured silicone and free from phthalates, Lula has a pleasingly soft and squeezable texture and quickly warms to body temperature. The 2mm inputs are housed neatly inside the retrieval cord, so they're easily tucked out of the way during play. Sized for a range of abilities, Lula is beginner friendly and is compatible with any ElectraStim stimulator.