Fusion Bodyglide Silicone Lubricant Pocket Size

Fusion Bodyglide Personal Lubricant Pocket Size

FUSION BODYGLIDE Personal Lubricant is a super concentrated pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant, designed for those with an insatiable drive, just a few drops and you are ready to go. Bodyglide lube is all silicone, with no additives. Bodyglide lube is a unique blend of technology and sensuality. FUSION Bodyglide lubricant is designed for easier clean-up, less staining and most important longer lasting and slicker than any other Silicone Lubricant available today.

Unlike water based lubricants, one application of Fusion Bodyglide lube will last much longer and will never get sticky or gooey. Eventually Bodyglide is just absorbed into the skin and leaves a smooth, silky feeling. The long-lasting nature of silicone allows you to stop less to add more lube. Fusion Body Glide lubricant is excellent for body massages. Fusion Body Glide lubricant is in a great single handed grip bottle with a pump.

Special Features:

  • Higrade silicone lube
  • Few drops goes long way
  • No additives
  • Not sticky
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent for massages


24 mls

Optional Size:

Fusion Bodyglide 4 oz