Glyde Condoms 10 Pack - Ultra

Glyde Ultra Condoms 10 Pack

GLYDE Ultra latex condoms are manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. The exclusive, patented "double dipping" manufacturing process makes GLYDE condoms especially strong without increasing the thickness, thereby creating a sheer, ultra-fine sheath. Tests by both the manufacturer and independent testing agencies provide testimony to the quality and strength of GLYDE condoms.

The GLYDE Ultra 53mm condom is the benchmark product for sexual health clinics, AIDS Councils and Government Health Departments. GLYDE condoms contain no animal bi-products, they are suitable for vegans to use.

GLYDE's condom is packed in a discreet package.

GLYDE Ultra 53mm comes also comes in Ultra Special - 49mm , Maxi - 56mm, and Supermax - 60mm .

GLYDE Ultras are also available in 5 fun and fruity colours and flavours.

GLYDE colours and flavours:

Strawberry/Pink Blueberry/BlueWildberry/PurpleCola/Natural BlackVanilla/Creme

GLYDE Ultra comes in boxes of 10 condoms.

Special Features:

  • Highest quality natural latex
  • Patented double dipping
  • Strong and sheer
  • No animal bi-products
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Discreet packaging



Lubricant compatibility:

  • Use with water-based or silicone lubricant.
  • Not suitable for use with oil lubricant.