Jimmyjane Love Pods Coral Pink



Embrace your sensual essence & unleash your inner goddess. Allow your most private desires to bloom. Love Pods are your gift of blissful fulfillment and pleasure.

Coral is inspired by both the shell of Venus, and the Goddess herself, representing desire, excitement and seduction. Intended to arouse sensual excitement, Coral features two powerful motors that hug the clitoris surrounding it with divine sensation. Unlike other vibrators, Coral s vibrations alternate between motors, rolling sensations from one side to the next. Designed to encompass the clitoris in sensation, Coral can be used to stroke, roll or easily hold in place for magical, immortal orgasms.

The Story of Coral: Across cultures, shells have always represented the female anatomy and feminine sexuality. Perhaps no shell is more famous than that of the Birth of Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, who masterfully embodies love, beauty, seduction and female charm. The Jimmyjane Coral was created to help you entice desire and embrace your own female charm.

Bifold Vibrations:
Coral visually represents both a shell and the female form. At the center of the round shape is a deep groove, which features a motor on either side for Bifold Vibration in which vibration travels from one motor to the next. Place the groove over the clitoris and experience the vibration flicker from one side to the next, or work in unison to create a surge of sensation without directly putting pressure on the clitoris.

2 Powerful Motors:
Work simultaneously to create an entirely new vibrating experience

Comfortable Size:
Small stature & palmable design makes it easy to reach all those sensitive pleasure areas.

Simple Intuitive Controls:
Three-Button operation. Mode + Speed

Phthalate-Free Soft Silicone & ABS Plastic

Washable & Bath-Friendly

International USB Rechargeable, High Quality Lithium Ion Battery. Runs up to 2 Hours per Charge

EZ Grip :
Ergonomically designed for simple maneuverability.

Whisper Quiet:
Powerful, Soft Vibrations