Le Wand Feel My Power 2022 Kelly Malka Edition


Le Wand

Le Wand Feel My Power 2022 Kelly Malka Edition

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun! Sexual pleasure is our birth right! People tend to have a lot of stigma and misinformation- specifically around pleasure. We encourage people to challenge this notion and to feel good about their bodies and sexual experiences.

Our 2022 wand advocates for sexual pleasure as sexual health. How we use our sex toys, the intimacy and satisfaction of our relationships, consent, solo sex - and so much more- is a human right.
Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager delivers intense and sensual pleasure. The luxurious massager has 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns. Le Wand s sleek design provides focused vibration in the head of the wand. Powerful, penetrating pleasure is granted in the convenience and versatility of a rechargeable wand.
This Feel My Power Special Edition is a complete set that features body-safe silicone head, flexible neck, convenient travel bag and luxurious giftable packaging.

Kelly Malka is an illustrator and designer working and living in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. Before moving back to LA in 2020, Kelly spent 5 years as a traditional graphic designer in San Francisco working in advertising. While working full-time as a designer, she always made time and space for her freelance illustration work. She started working with non-profits and cause-based organizations, and was able to feel and see how powerful a tool art was in spreading awareness, information and making an emotional and tangible impact.
After summoning the courage to quit her full-time gig, Kelly has been able to focus her craft and infuse her values into her work. She focuses mainly on mental health, gender equality and socio political issues.