Ling O

If the standard practice of oral sex becomes too mundane, Ling O will help to provide that next level of stimualtion that will drive you crazy.

It's unique design helps turn your tounge into a massaging vibrator, with added stimulants to please and tease your tender spots. The stretchy and soft band grips around your partner's tongue, staying in place while they go downtown, and the powerful motor attached delivers strong vibrations that will resonate throughout the tongue, and against you, to offer a pleasure that's never been felt.

Enjoy for up to 30 minutes of playtime, and spice up your foreplay with this unique massager that will enhance your bedroom activities tenfold.

Product Features:

  • A vibrating tongue massager for enhanced oral sex
  • Unique ergonomic design fits any tongue
  • Long lasting, super powered motor
  • Single vibration
  • Decorated with nubs and bumps for added stimulation
  • Materials: Body-safe SEBS
  • Play time: 30+ minutes
  • Pthalate and Latex Free
  • Water resistant
  • Disposable
  • Size: 14.6cm x 9.5cm x 3.2cm
  • Weight: 79g