pjur WOMAN, WOMAN Nude, WOMAN Aloe Selection 2021



A selection of the three most beloved Pjur WOMAN premium lubricants in a lovely box.


Product Features:

Pjur WOMAN (30 ml) 

  • silicone-based personal lubricant
  • long-lasting lubrication
  • skin feeling silky smooth
  • doesn't contain perfume or preservatives
  • suitable for erotic massages

Pjur WOMAN Nude (30 ml)

  • water-based personal lubricant
  • free from preservatives
  • parabens and glycerin
  • compatible with all erotic toys

Pjur WOMAN Aloe (30 ml)

  • water-based personal lubricant with nourishing aloe vera
  • Increases lubrication 
  • ensures all-round pleasurable sensations 
  • moisturising aloe vera
  • adjusted to the natural pH value
  • doesn't contain parabens or paraffins
  • Compatible with all erotic toys