Plaisir Nacre White

Dressed for seduction, Plaisir NacrÁ© is an accessory that conceals a game for the mastery of love. In the eyes of the world, they are mere bracelets; privately, they become suggestive handcuffs.

The pearl is one of the original symbols of beauty, sensuality and female sexuality. These cuffs are not only a seductive body accessory but give the element of restraints in a dedicate manner. No one will have any idea that what you are wearing are in fact a bedroom accessory, as these white pearl cuffs are an incredible disguise in themselves to be part of more than just a seductive night in.

Wear them for any occasion. No one ever suspects the girl with the classic white pearls.

Product Features:

  • Pearl bead handcuffs, designed to be disguised as lavish bracelets
  • Attach the provided chain to turn them into a kinky bedroom accessory
  • Seductive and classy
  • Middle chain length: 21.6cm
  • Cuff lengths: 13.3cm each
  • Made in Spain