Rechargeable Infinity Pink


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Rechargeable Infinity Pink

The Infinity provides ultimate pleasure by reaching different erogenous zones for two lovers at the same time. Whether you are new to strap ons, want one that vibrates or simply don't want to deal with a harness, the flexibility and versatility of the Infinity will allow you to indulge your creative fantasies.

As a bonus the Inifinity comes packaged with one of the most popular toys in the industry, the PowerBullet RECHARGE, making the Infinity capable of vibrating or simply providing another waterproof toy to play with alone or together in wet environments. Whether it is for vaginal or anal penetration the Infinity has been designed to fit both sexes perfectly and needless to say, is a great toy for couples.

Length: Shaft 11cm, bulb 6.5cm
Width: Shaft 3cm, bulb 4cm
Circumference/Girth: Shaft 10cm, bulb 12cm
Material: Silicone
Powered by: USB Rechargeable Bullet
Special Features: Phthalate-free, Waterproof, 4 Speeds, 5 Functions, Travel Lock.
Package Dimensions: 23cm L x 24cm w x 4.5cm d
Package Weight: 343g