Toy with Me Heart Jewel Metal Anal Plug Large

For veterans in the anal play scene, if a smaller size is no longer sating your appetites for anal play, then this large-size plug will blow you away. Made from smooth metal, this 147g anal plug is much heavier than its smaller brethren, allowing you to pleasure those harder-to-reach g-spots with greater ease. Whether its at home or out-and-about, this anal plug takes function to a whole new level, making sure that your deep appetites are sated with ease. With a size of 93mm * 40.8mm, this advanced-level butt plug will make sure pleasure you, no matter whether youre having some alone time, or having some frisky foreplay with a partner. Exuding style, its hilt is cut into a heart shape with a gem incrusted into the middle, making sure to enrapture you with its charm. If youre looking to delve into the veteran realm of butt plugs to explore more of that hidden erogenous zone, then this bombshell of an anal plug is a brilliant pick.


  • Material: metal
  • Size: L
  • Color: color mix
  • Weight: 175g
  • Power: length 100mm diameter 41mm
  • Package: velvet bag, no box