Toy With Me Heart Jewel Metal Anal Plug Medium

A fantastic pick for those with a bit of experience in the anal play scene; if a smaller plug is no longer cutting it, this medium-size anal plug might just be for you. Made from a smooth metal thats silky to the touch, this 87g anal plug will hit just the right balance between its larger and smaller brethren, making sure it fulfils your self-enjoying pleasure while simultaneously being lightweight enough to carry around, whether its just in the bedroom, out-and-about, or in surprising a partner. With a size of 83mm * 33.8mm, this anal plug is a perfect middle ground for those looking to explore those budding anal inspirations. With a gem in the shape of a heart encrusted onto the hilt, this anal plug will be sure to remain stylish, enrapturing you (and maybe even a partner) with its charm. So, if youre looking to size up your smaller plug in order to explore more with that hidden erogenous zone, then this metal anal plug will be perfect for you.


  • Material: metal
  • Size: M
  • Color: color mix
  • Weight: 95g
  • Size: length 85mm diameter 35mm
  • Package: velvet bag, no box