Versa Bullet with Remote Control + Sleeve

Take versatility to the next level with the Versa Bullet + Sleeve Set, giving you a different texture and feel for every sleeve you decide to try.

Powerful and transformational, the Versa Bullet electrifies the envionment it inhabits. With 3 unique sleeve variations to choose from for this versitile toy, you can narrow down your perfect feel with 7 vibration modes to play with, that build on intensity with each dynamic setting. Feel free to use Versa on its own, or go completly hands free with the equipped remote that gives you the ultimate advantage in pleasure.

With this set, you can have the benefit of one out of three textured sleeves, depending on which colour you choose. If you choose Dark Fuschia, you get a curvy g-spot sleeve, perfect for internal stimulation. If you choose Dark Purple, you get a uniquely designed bumpy sleeve, which can be used interally and externally. And if you choose Light Blue, you get a beautifully textured ridged sleeve, with a protuding tip and curved bodice for amazing satisfaction. Whether you settle for one, or indulge in all three, the Versa Bullet + Sleeve Set will become your go to for versitile, unlimited pleasure.

Product Features:

  • A versitile, changeable bullet with a removable sleeve
  • Colours available: Dark Fuchsia, Dark Purple, and Light Blue
  • Paired with a remote for hands free control
  • Purchasable as a coloured set - other sleeves can be purchased seperatly
  • 7 vibration modes
  • Single button function
  • Materials: Premium Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Splashproof
  • Power Type: USB Magnetic charge (cable included)
  • Play Time: 1 hour
  • Charge Time: 2 hours
  • Package Contents: Versa bullet, colour-coded sleeve, remote, charging cable, user manual
  • Size - Versa: 10.9cm (L) x 2.4cm (W)
  • Size - remote: 5.8cm (L) x 3.6cm (W)
  • Size - Versa T sleeve (Light Blue): 9.9cm (L) x 4.3cm (W)
  • Size - Versa P sleeve (Dark Fuschia): 11.9cm (L) x 3.8cm (W) - 9.1cm insertable
  • Size - Versa S sleeve (Dark Purple): 19.3cm (L) x 4.1cm (W) - 17.8cm insertable