Vibrating Snug Plug Medium Rose



For the first time in sex toy
history, b-Vibe has combined
the incredible sensation of
weight and pressure with the
power of vibration- delivered via
our ultra-comfortable Snug
Plug design.

Weight and Pressure

Our bodies are highly responsive to pressure
and movement inside the anal canal. Vibrating
Snug Plug s unique precision design and heft
provide both types of erotic stimulation as they
move inside the inner wall of the anal canal.
Vibrating Snug Plugs Medium and XL feature
progressively heavier weight from 115 grams to
255 grams, resulting in a deliciously satisfying
feeling of fullness.


Vibration strength is often the measure of a
sex toy. In butt plugs specifically, vibration
provides both pleasure and relaxation- a
winning combo if penetration is your end
Vibrating Snug Plugs have 6 levels of
intensity and 6 patterns. A vibrational
wonderland of good vibes.

Detail Oriented Comfort

A long thin, flexible neck, smooth grip handle,
and soft seamless silicone make Snug Plugs
the most comfortable plugs for long-wear use
and extended stimulation. Wear for hours while
walking, sitting, and doing normal activity.
Enjoy discreetly for extended wear stimulation
or wear one during partner sex. The added
pressure of having something in your bum will
produce two-curling orgasmic sensations.