YT2 Extender with Waist Strap

You2Toys Penis Extender with Waist Strap

YOu2Toys Pensi Extender with waist strap is a skin-coloured penis sleeve on a waiststrap. The sleeve has solid glans and therefore lengthens your penis by 3 cm. The pleasure tunnel has dots on the inside for stimulation. There are three small feelers at the base of the shaft for clitoris stimulation. The extender includes a removable vibro-bullet. Batteries included.



  • Length: 24 cm
  • Inner Penetration Depth: 15 cm
  • Outer Penetration Depth: 18 cm
  • Inner Diameter: 3.6 cm, outer diameter: 3.8-5.7 cm


  • TPR, ABS