YT2 G-spot Labia Spreader

You2Toys G-Spot Labia Spreader

The G-Spot Labia Spreader is a fantastic adult toy designed to help you or your lover find that sweet spot. Slip the centre loop inside the vagina for internal stimulation, and use the bendy silicone to part the labia.

Made from silicone-coated posable wires, the Spreader is easy to mould to each woman's unique shape for maximum comfort. Just set the curve to a suitable size, coat in water-based lubricant, and insert the textured loop into the vagina to allow the stimulating ridges to massage the G-spot.

Externally, the smooth prongs can be easily positioned to open up the labia, giving easier access to the clitoris for sensational dual sensations.

Try gently rocking the spreader to use the extended arms to directly stimulate the G-spot.

Special Features:

  • Positional intimate spreader for improved G-spot stimulation
  • Silicone-coated bendable wires adapt to your shape
  • Ridged for internal pleasure
  • External arms can be used to part the labia for clitoral access
  • Leaves the hands free for additional stimulation


  • Length: 17.8 cm
  • Diameter: 2.2-3.6 cm


  • Silicone