Wand Massager: What Is It & Why Is It So Popular?


If youre on the lookout for a new vibrator, chances are you may have heard of a wand vibrator. This vibrator may not be the typical magic wand you may think of, but it will bring some magic into your life, without a doubt. So, what exactly is a wand massager, and why is it so popular? Read on and find out.


What Is A Wand Massager?


A wand massager is a massaging device that is also used as a sex toy. It includes a long handle with a vibrating rounded head attached to it and is powered by a motor, which is typically located in the handle. This vibrator is known for being powerful and providing some intense orgasms.


Now, the older wand vibrators were quite bulky and always corded. But today, we have some sleek-looking upgrades that are not only rechargeable but also near-silent, so theyre a great choice if youre worried about the noise. Its usually used externally and can be used all over your whole body.


Why People Love The Wand Vibrator


  • It's powerful. We're talking so much power that it's possible to climax within seconds. This is game-changing, considering that reaching the finish line can take women way longer than men.


  • It's comfortable. Since all vibrations are directed at the head for intensified stimulation, an added bonus of this vibrator is that you can enjoy the experience without having your hand vibrating, as many people find it uncomfortable. And as the handle is long, it's also comfortable to hold.


  • It's easy to use. Wand vibrators usually come with different modes and frequencies, which allow you to adjust the intensity and vibrational pulse that works best for you with the push of a button.


Types of Wand Vibrators


There are many different types of wand vibrators out there, but were going to take a look at three of them from the Toy With Me selection.


Mini 2 Wand Vibrator


This small wand vibrator is compact and can be used both externally as well as internally. It's made from medical-grade silicone, so it's guaranteed to provide a smooth glide, and it features five vibration modes and adjustable strength. This little guy is perfect for relieving some tension!


Elegance Vibrator Wand


This modern wand vibrator comes with 20 frequency modes and a high-power motor that gives some very intense vibrations. Perfect for a night of pleasure or some much-needed ‘me-time'.


Wizard Vibrator Massager Wand


This wand is famous for bringing intense sensations, as it has a total of 20 vibration frequencies with different intensities, allowing complete customisation over your experience. This vibrator is perfect for experimenting and discovering new erogenous zones.


Are you looking for the best wand massager?


Were here to help. At Toy With Me Australia, we offer a great selection of wand vibrators that were designed to bring you maximum pleasure. Pick your favourite today and start enjoying the good vibrations!