Why Women Use Vibrators


There is no need to be shy about using a vibrator; women who have used or use a vibrator report that they have better arousal, desire and overall better orgasms. Along with sexual liberation, there are a number of reasons that woman use vibrators, and they have a number of benefits too. Our sexperts today look at why woman use vibrators and how they can help you have a more enriched and satisfying sex life.


Sex Is Good For You

If you are single, sex toys are a great way for you to enjoy sex; if you are in a relationship, sex toys are a great way to enjoy sex. Let’s face it, regardless of who you are; vibrators are a great way to enjoy sex. Good sex not only feels great, but a good orgasm can help you to sleep sounder, improve endorphins, happiness and overall wellness. Fun fact, the first vibrator was developed to help reduce anxiety! If that’s not enough of a reason for you, a good orgasm has been proven even to help to reduce period pain and cramps.


Better Orgasms

For many women, orgasms do not come easy or naturally through only penetration, regardless of how turned on they may be. Vibrators are an excellent way for women to take control, explore and focus on their own pleasure. Clitoris stimulation through the use of a vibrator will not only help achieve mind-blowing orgasms but can also have extra health benefits such as better sleep, increased endorphins, raise your happiness and assist in overall wellness. In some circumstances a good orgasm has been shown to help reduce period pain and cramps.


Vibrators Can Help Rejuvenate Vaginas

As women age and go through childbirth and menopause, the decline in oestrogen can lead to a reduction in vaginal wetness and overall sex drive. Vibrators can help alleviate these symptoms by improving the tone and elasticity of the vaginal walls and promoting sensation and vaginal lubrication, keeping your vagina healthy, happy and ready for some action.


Know What Turns You On

Self-satisfaction is important for multiple reasons, it feels great, it builds self-confidence, and it can help you know what you like. Not only is self-love and self-care important, knowing what makes you tick is so good for you. Whether you are single or in a relationship, vibrators can help provide a more intimate experience for your relationship.


Here you have it; vibrators are great! While not for everyone, we believe that every woman should try a vibrator at least once. There is nothing quite like focusing on your own pleasure, understanding what you like and don’t like and knowing your own body. Vibrators are the perfect sex toy to help you to do this. So what are you waiting for? Jump onto Toy With Me’s shop and treat your self today