3 Reasons Why You Need Flavoured Lube in the Bedroom


Strawberry, apple, cherry. These sound like delicious pie flavours, right? Well, today, we’re going to talk about the next best thing - flavoured lube. Yes, you read that right. It turns out this slippery liquid is not only great for reducing friction during your sexy adventures but also for inspiring new sensations. Curious to find out more? Read on because we’re going to explore all the reasons why you should consider using flavoured lube in your bedroom. Let’s get into it!


It's a Fun Way to Spice Up Your Love Life


The first and main reason why you should try flavoured lube in the bedroom is that it’s simply an exciting way to mix things up. There are, of course, many things out there that can help you spice up your sex life. However, flavoured lube offers a very fun yet simple and affordable way to experience something new that will most likely work for both participants. Who doesn’t like fruity scents and flavours? It's a win-win for everybody!


An Excellent Alternative to Real Food


Not to worry, we’re not suggesting replacing real meals with lube but using it instead of real food when experimenting with your partner. Most of us have probably wondered once or twice what it would be like to try out foreplay with some chocolate. And there are plenty of people out there who are already playing with food in the bedroom because they simply find it sexy. However, it can get quite messy. Imagine getting carried away and having to deal with some stubborn stains on your expensive white bed sheets later. This is where flavoured lubes can come in handy. They give you an opportunity to recreate the sensation of dribbling some strawberry sweetness on your lover without worrying about causing a mess or (in some worse cases) causing a yeast infection.


It's Amazing for Massage


A good massage offers you relief from muscle tension and pain, as well as physical and mental relaxation. However, a massage in the bedroom can bring it to a whole new level. Giving a massage to the person you get intimate with comes with its own benefits, and it helps form deeper connections both emotionally and physically. Now, here's where a flavoured lubricant can help you discover new types of pleasure. Not only does it make the massage feel better and the glide smoother, but it also smells and tastes amazing. You can also get creative with it and even trail your hand's path with your tongue (you'll thank us later).


Pro tip: Before application, try storing a bottle of your favourite lubricant in a shallow bowl with slightly hot water to warm it up for a different sensation. And don't forget to make sure your hands are clean before experimenting!


Are you ready to try out something new?


We’re here to help you out! In addition to our range of exciting adult toys, we also offer flavoured lubricants that come in various delicious flavours and provide a natural fruity taste unmatched by other lubes on the market.