Six Mind Blowing Types Of Vibrators 

There are many roads to pleasure, and each and every one of ours is different. However, the route that women of the world often take is one with a type of vibrator. But which one, there are so many types? I hear you ask. Never fear, the sexperts at Toy With Me have done rigorous research to stock only the very best. Below are six types of vibrators that are sure to give you mind-blowing orgasms.


Clitoral vibrator

Ladies, if you have found that during sexual intercourse, you can’t climax from penetration alone; you are not alone. It is more common than you think, but don’t panic; with a little clitoral stimulation, you can have that orgasm. That is where the U Vibe Clitoris Vibrator comes in handy; for woman, the clitoris contains the most nerve endings that when stimulating leads straight to pleasure town. There is also a bonus with the U Vibe as it’s designed for double action targeting your G Spot too.


Massage Wand

Once upon a time, the massage wand was used on tight necks; these days, it’s got a much more satisfying use. Large with a broad head, The Magic Breeze looks a little like a microphone but don’t let that fool you; this wand is one powerful vibrator. Like many classic vibrators, wand vibrators can be used for both penetrative and clitoral stimulation, or both depending on your preference.


Suction vibrators

Traditionally vibrators focus on a buzzing or rumbling sensation, whereas a suction vibrator through airflow and pressure focuses on the feeling of oral sex. With ten different settings and a genuine replica of oral sex, so the XOXO Sucking Vibrator has you are in for a treat.


G Spot Vibrator

The notoriously hard to find G Spot needs a specially shaped vibrator. Located a few inches deep on the front wall of the vagina, the Amaze G-Spot Vibrator has just the right curve to hit the spot. Waterproof and silent, a long bath has never looked so appealing.


Wearable Vibrator

Often referred to as remote control vibrators, wearables are fun for hands-free solo play or great for getting kinky with your partner. The best kind of wearables is super quiet, so you can use them in the bedroom, or you can take them outside and secretly engage in couples play. Mini Sassi Remote Control Vibrator perfect for this with a 10-15 metre reach, meaning you can get a long-distance climax maintained by a third party.


Rabbit Vibrator

It wouldn’t be a complete list without the rabbit vibrator. A fan favourite, the rabbit has a long slim body for penetration and little rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation, giving you the best of both worlds with a blended orgasm. Sleek and sexy, the Excite G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator hits all the right spots as you lay back, relax and enjoy yourself.