The Best Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos have come a long way. Gone are the days of dildo disappointment; Toy With Me is making sure that your dildo expectations are met, some might even say, exceeded expectations. The dildos of today come with the same softness and firmness of an erect penis; it’s remarkable how much they have been able to replicate the real deal, with some even coming with lifelike veins and testicles.

Sadly not all dildos are created equal; however, the sexperts at Toy With Me have done a great job of picking out the best realistic dildos to help you choose the perfect one for you.


Lance The Schlong Dildo

Lance The Schlong Dildo is amazingly realistic, made from medical grade silicone you don’t get much more realistic texture and feel than this. Schlong doesn’t give him justice, coming in a massive 13.5 length just for your pleasure. Veiny and versatile, Lance has a suction cup to attach to any flat surface or easily attaches into a harness.


Jimmy Sex Machine Auto Heat and Thrust Dildo Vibrator

Jimmy Sex Machine Auto Heat and Thrust Dildo Vibrator is not just realistic, he comes with all the bells and whistles. Medical grade silicone for that natural feel, waterproof for those kinky baths, auto thrusting to keep you on your toes, it’s even got heating to throw fire on the flame of passion. Not only does Jimmy’s vibration patterns leave you wanting more, he is uber flexible to hit all those hot spots.


The King XXL Big Black Dildo

The King XXL Big Black Dildo, gets his name from his impressive size, a total of 17 inches the king knows how to tick those boxes. Made from medical grade silicone, his smooth yet veiny texture makes it feel oh so real when you take him to the bedroom. This thick dick is here to ; Toyer you pleasure, wherever you may please; with it’s suction cup and harness capabilities, the King XXL always delivers.


Henry Wireless Vibrating Dildo

Henry Wireless Vibrating Dildo, realistic on the surface with a few added features for your pleasure, is designed for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Soft to touch, flexible, and veiny Henry is also made from medical grade silicone for a natural touch. With ten vibration settings and a suction cup, Henry is here to do all the work as you go straight to climax every time.


Double D Dildo

Double D Dildo is for those who like the realistic touch but want to get frisky with a friend. A solid sixteen inches is plenty to give you hours of stimulation with your veiny friend. Designed to feel like the real deal, the Double D Dildo is made from medical grade silicone, is firm and has perfect girth, making insertion fantastic.