The Ultimate Guide to Couples Toys


Shaking up your sex life can be as easy as a bit of role-playing, handcuffs or sexy lingerie; although if you want to really spice things up in the bedroom, introducing toys can open a new world of pleasure for you and your significant other and is a great way to add variety and excitement into your relationship as you connect sexually and explore each other’s pleasure.


If you are looking to add a bit of spice to your relationship but not sure where to start? Look no further; the Sexperts at Toy With Me have put together a list of couples toys to help you test the waters and find out your kink. Try one, try two or try them all; you’ll find that introducing these toys can help to add a whole lot of intimate pleasure for both you and your partner in your relationship.


Cock Rings

Cock rings are designed to slow the blood flow of the penis, meaning a harder, longer-lasting erection and resulting in a more intense orgasm. Not only does the Dennis Vibrating Cock Ring mean the penis stays harder for longer, but it vibrates, which means it can provide clitoral stimulation for the woman too.


Love Eggs & Kegels

Offering up a wide range of vibration patterns, the Happy Remote Vibrator lets your partner take the reigns, as they are in the control seat of your pleasure. In the shower, bedroom or somewhere more spicy, the remote control lets your partner create and maintain your pleasure all from the click of a button.


Couples Vibrator

Often described as the ultimate couples toy, the couples vibrator’s distinctive C shape is designed to stimulate both externally and internally during penetration. Providing dual action to stimulate both parties, the Neo Couples Vibrator really does have it all, remote controlling, USB rechargeable and soft to touch.


Double Ended Dildos

If you fancy a dildo but want to get your partner involved, double-ended dildos are here to provide double the fun for you and your partner. The Double D Dildo, with its 16 inches and realistic texture, can provide you and your partner with hours of stimulation. There is nothing quite like sharing intimate moments with your partner, and the double-ended dildo allows you to experience pleasure together.


Anal Plugs

Anal is fun for everyone, so why not start out an anal adventure together. The Gabby Jewelled Silicone Anal Plug can take intercourse to that next level as you are simulated in multiple ways. Anal plugs are a great entry into anal play, not only adding that extra spice to intercourse, but also a great way to help intensify the pleasure of oral sex.