Toys for Hidden Hot Spots

Toys for Hidden Hot Spots

Let’s face it; sex toys are where it is at. Whether you use them for a little me time on a Friday night or you have a whole toolbox full of goodies for everyday use, sex toys can enhance your sexual experience. Whilst pleasure is different for everyone, there are a few special spots that are widely known to give you a mind-blowing orgasm.

The Sexperts at Toy With Me are here to help you find what toy hits your spot every time.

The P Spot

Often referred to as the Male G Spot, the prostate is stimulated via the anus. While this can be enjoyed alone but when combined with penis play, it can be next-level orgasmic. For many, exploring pleasure with the prostate can start off with a cheeky finger, and if you like that, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the feeling of some toys. When it comes to beginners and anal, we suggest starting with small with a Toy With Me, Anal Plug, perfect for getting aroused and dabbling in P-Spot stimulation. For those who are ready to dive in deeper, we have just the toy for you; the Male Vibrating Prostate Massager with Remote Control is the one, with 35 settings it guaranteed to take you straight to climax.

The G Spot

The G Spot is located inside the vagina on the front wall. While once thought to be illusive, Toy With Me has got the toy to prove that these days are behind us. If you are new to self pleasure, it might take a little time and some experimentation to find it but don’t be discouraged, just enjoy the ride. The Amaze G-Spot Vibrator is soft, sexy and shaped perfectly to find the perfect spot; if you prefer a little clitoral stimulation, you cannot go past the Excite G Spot Rabbit Vibrator. The rabbit not only has a curvy shape designed to find the G Spot, but it also has some vibrating bunny ears to give you double the stimulation.

The Clitoris

While the clitoris is more well-known and generally easier to find, to some, it is still considered hidden or hasn’t reached its full potential. If that is you, or you simply know that like many women, clitoral stimulation is the climatic road for you, then we have just the toys for you. The Elegance Vibrator Wand has a variety of vibration patterns to let you sit in the control seat of your orgasm. If you are a fan of oral sex, the Clit Joy Sucking Vibrator is the toy for you, giving you a realistic experience of oral sex, which can help you climax every time.